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Dr. rer. nat. Ulli Waltinger

As of Januar 2012, I am a research engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology in Munich.

Since October 2010 I was working at the Artificial Intelligence Group at Bielefeld University doing my post-doctoral research at the Excellence Cluster 277 (CITEC) project Knowledge Enhanced Embodied Cognitive Interaction Technologies (since October 2009 affiliated to the Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology). In November 2010, I received my PhD in Computer Science from the Technical Faculty at Bielefeld University. My PhD was advised by Prof. Dr. Alexander Mehler in the Text Technology Group, and co-adviser Prof. Dr. Ipke Wachsmuth in the Artificial Intelligence Group. From 2007 to 2010 I was working at the Text Technology and Applied Computational Linguistics Department at Bielefeld University. I am holding a Bachelor of Arts (hon) from the University of Middlesex London as well as Master of Science from the University Bielefeld

From 2008 to 2009 I have been working as a researcher for the German Research Foundation (DFG) funded research project SFB-673 Alignment in Communication on multimodal alignment corpora - statistical modelling and information management at the text technology department, Bielefeld University. From 2007 to 2008 I worked for the DFG funded project Scientific Library Services and Information Systems (LIS) on the development, testing and evaluation of content-based peer-to-peer-agents for thematic structure and search optimization in digital libraries.

I am a member of several scientific associations. I am a member of the German Society for Computational Linguistics & Language Technology, the Interest Group on Sentiment Detection for German, the Gesellschaft für Informatik, IEEE and the Cognitive Science Society. I have more than 30 peer-reviewed publications in the field of computer science, computational linguistics, text technology, artificial intelligence and cognitive science. Since 2007, I have been affiliated with several DFG funded research projects, such as the Induction of Document Grammars for the Representation of Logical Hypertext Document Structures as part of the Research Group Text Technological Information Modelling, the BMBF-joint research project Linguistic Networks - Text Technological Representation, Computational Linguistic Synthesis and Physical Modelling and the DFG-research project Automatic Enrichment of OAI Metadata.

Keywords: Computer science, distributed systems, cognitive interaction, artificial intelligence, text mining, data mining, web mining, knowledge discovery, crowdsourcing, question answering, sentiment analysis, information retrieval, text classification, unsupervised clustering, NLP, machine learning, semantic space, software development, semantic web, online development, information retrieval systems, topic tracking, network analysis, C++, Java, PHP, Ajax


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