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As of Januar 2012, I am a senior key expert and project manager at Siemens Corporate Technology in Munich. Since October 2010 I was working at the Artificial Intelligence Group at Bielefeld University doing my post-doctoral research at the Excellence Cluster 277 (CITEC) project Knowledge Enhanced Embodied Cognitive Interaction Technologies (since October 2009 affiliated to the Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology). In November 2010, I received my PhD in Computer Science from the Technical Faculty at Bielefeld University.
I am a dynamic research and development professional with advanced knowledge in natural language processing and information retrieval. I have strong problem-solving and analytical skills, and a proven ability to perform high-quality original research in data mining, information retrieval, HCI, both independently and as a member of a team. I have more than six years professional experience in research, web- and data mining, and more than ten years in software- and web development. I have a proven ability to develop and define new algorithms for information extraction and search technologies, and a strong academic record of applying machine learning, data categorization and clustering methods to large corpora.
I am a member of the German Society for Computational Linguistics & Language Technology, the Gesellschaft für Informatik, IEEE and the Cognitive Science Society. I have more than 35 peer-reviewed publications in the field of computer science, artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, text technology and cognitive science.



Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Semantic Web, RDF, XML, UML, C++, Java, PHP, Flash, Ajax, Machine Learning, Latent Semantic Analysis, Text Clustering, Text Categorization, Support Vector Machine,Text Mining, Web Mining, Knowledge Discovery