Demo: Future of AI-enabled Industrial Automation powered by GenerativeAI, Hannover Fair 2023, 19-21th of April 2023

Demo: Future of AI-enabled Industrial Automation powered by GenerativeAI, Hannover Fair 2023, 19-21th of April 2023

🤖 How to achieve more with less in Software Development with Artificial Intelligence

While our project on „#Future of AI-enabled #Industrial#Automation powered by #GenerativeAI“ is still a forward looking demonstration on AI-assisted automation technology. Here are some lessons learned during the last weeks of prepping for the HANNOVER MESSE demo:

👉 #Understanding: It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the tasks. Define the problem statement, input/output, and expected behavior. We have performed XX interviews with clients and software developers understanding the needs, impact, and relevancy in the automation domain.

👉 #Context is key: AI works by analyzing the context of the (code) task. Providing additional context helps the model to generate more relevant suggestions. Prompt engineering was key in reducing hallucination & biasing the model on the software syntax.

👉 #Hallucination is a pain & gain: It refers to the generation of outputs that may sound plausible but are either factually incorrect or unrelated. While it can be super awesome to see the surprising output correlations, for compiling software even minor aspects leads to fail or complete.

👉 #Evaluating: It’s essential to evaluate the quality & relevance of the suggestions. You should consider factors such as code readability, maintainability, and performance. UI/UX are at the core of AI systems, but also the software expert feedback in qualitatively (and painfully) running through each output to reflect back on prompt engineering.

👉 #Consulting: Consult with experts in the field – both Software, Domain, and AI – is key to improve fast and iteratively on output generated. All partners need to understand the risks and opportunity of #GenerativeAI capabilities.

👉 #API first: AI-driven software architectures are powered by APIs – loosely coupled, tightly integrated, so future capabilities from the partner ecosystem can be efficiently integrated as plug-in, feature, or capability.

#GenerativeAI in software dev is here to stay, and OpenAIMicrosoft, and GitHub has shown its potential already:
👉 developers are up to 55% faster
👉 achieved up to 10% higher task completion rates
👉 estimates that 80% of code will be AI generated


… so the #Future is on .. are you? Looking forward to discuss with you next week (drop by at Wednesday-Friday – Microsoft Hall 17, Booth G06)

🙏 Last but not least #TeamWins: it needs a diverse and committed team with bold aspirations and hands-on AI-first attitude: Dr. Yue HuInes ArfaouiErik ScepanskiArmin HadzalicChristian JaremenkoMatthias SchulzBianca HöflingerKarina RempelFranz MenzlIngo OppeltClaus RomanowskyTarık ÇarlıMerve ÖzbayKathrin KöppeJacques SwartDr. Ioannis PetrakisMark BuckleyJacqueline BurkertDr. Juergen Reiner

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