Mentor: WirVsVirus Hackathon, OnlineFestival, 22th March 2020

Mentor: WirVsVirus Hackathon, OnlineFestival, 22th March 2020

“Western #healthcare systems have been built around the concept of #patient-centered care, but an #epidemic requires a change of perspective toward a concept of #community-centered care”

The #WirVsVirus Hackathon – an amazing ride 🙂

Together with the German government, the @WirvsVirusHack team has created a digital movement in the Corona crisis. In 48 hours, they brought together 28,361 people who worked on over 1,500 solutions. The challenges that were worked on in the hackathon came from the middle of society: from 80 million citizens. Everyone who had time, desire & internet access was invited. With the more than 28,000 participants, they we have created the largest #hackathon in the world. Kudos making this a #movement @hbraun @Tech4Germany @codeforde @initiatived21 @ImpactHubBLN @PT_Deutschland @prototypefund @SEND_ev and enabling me to support this awesome Initiative as moderator (never had 1000+ users within a Slack-Channel for team shaping ;-)), mentoring (great to be the data guy), and nominated for the selection committee (kind a tough to prioritize this number of submission, with quite a stretch in the performance, but not the passion).

#COVID19 #coronavirus #WirvsVirus – kudos to #teamawesome spending the weekend on #simulation and #machinelearning #OneSiemens #SiemensAI

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