Tapping the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Tapping the Power of Artificial Intelligence

In the course of three days and two sleepless nights, 13 groups of Siemens hackers developed artificial intelligence (AI) demonstrations that might have taken months to develop in a more structured environment.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly developing technology area with application domains ranging from robotics and self-driving vehicles to health care and financial support. “Significant breakthroughs in AI, especially in object and speech recognition, reasoning and natural language processing have mainly been driven by Deep Learning technologies, posing new challenges and opportunities for industrial digitization strategy,” says Dr. Ulli Waltinger, organizer and head of the Machine Intelligence Group at Corporate Technology, Siemens’ global research organization.

As Anthony Wing Kosner has pointed out in Forbes, these developments have profound implications. “The word is spreading in all corners of the tech industry that the biggest part of big data, the unstructured part, possesses learnable patterns that we now have the computing power and algorithmic leverage to discern – and in short order. The effects of this technology will change the economics of virtually every industry.”

Amazing Speed

Commenting on the wide range of the Hackathon’s entries, Michael May, head of Business Analytics and Monitoring at Siemens Corporate Technology, said, “I was impressed with the originality and depth of the entries, and am confident that many of them will go on to become projects, prototypes and perhaps even products. It is truly amazing to see how quickly these entries were developed. Comparable projects on the European level can take months to achieve similar results. This really confirms the value of our hackathons.”

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